Claus-Peter Wirth, Jörg Siekmann, Volker Peckhaus, Michael Gabbay, Dov Gabbay.
Translation and Commentation
Claus-Peter Wirth, Michael Gabbay.
Advisory Board
Wilfried Sieg (Chair).
Irving H. Anellis (+), Steve Awodey, Matthias Baaz, Wilfried Buchholz, Bernd Buldt, Reinhard Kahle, Paolo Mancosu, Charles Parsons, William W. Tait, Christian Tapp, Richard Zach.
Contributors' Board
This is open to everybody. We consider Hilbert Bernays to be an essential part of human cultural heritage. As the enterprise of a translation of this most difficult advanced text can only be successful as a joint venture, we will try to unite the expertise of the scientific communities involved, from mathematics to logic and philosophy as well as history. All contributors will be given an acknowledgment in the editors' preface of the part they contributed to. We plan to organize workshops for the discussion of the critical aspects.
Version of April 30, 2008