Claus-Peter Wirth, Bernhard Gramlich
On Notions of Inductive Validity for First-Order Equational Clauses
12th CADE 1994, LNAI 814, pp. 162-176, Springer.
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We define and discuss various conceivable notions of inductive validity for first-order equational clauses. This is done within the framework of constructor-based positive/negative conditional equational specifications which permits to treat negation and incomplete function definitions in an adequate and natural fashion. Moreover, we show that under some reasonable assumptions all these notions are monotonic w.r.t. consistent extension, in contrast to the case of inductive validity for initial semantics (of unconditional or positive conditional equations). In particular from a practical point of view, this monotonicity property is crucial since it allows for an incremental construction process of complex specifications where consistent extensions of specifications cannot destroy the validity of (already proved) inductive properties. Finally we show how various notions of inductive validity in the literature fit in or are related to our classification.
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