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SEKI Publications

SEKI Reports (ISSN 1437-4447) and
SEKI Working-Papers (ISSN 1860-5931)

SEKI Reports and Working-Papers appear since 1976 (until 1985 as Memo SEKI). The authors' affiliations were --- among many others --- the Universities of Bonn, Essex, Kaiserslautern, Karlsruhe, Koblenz, and the Saarland (in Saarbrücken).

The current publisher is the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Bremen.

The subjects are mathematics assistance systems (MAS) and all you need for building one, such as --- among others --- software engineering (SE), artificial intelligence (in German: Künstliche Intelligenz, KI), logics, linguistics, cognitive psychology, human-computer interaction, automated theorem proving, term rewriting, &c., &c..

During the four decades of appearance, the question what the letters of SEKI are actually standing for has been answered quite differently. Today SEKI simply stands for itself.

SEKI is not merely a series of internal reports. Currently and most of the time before, SEKIs have passed an informal but rigorous process of evaluation, including rejection and iteration after improvement. The internal review process is similar to a standard peer evaluation, but the scornful remarks of an anonymous referee are replaced with the helpful collaboration of a known fatherly colleague. The quality of presentation of SEKI Reports and Working-Papers is currently above the standard of international workshop proceedings and international electronic journals.

Editorial Board

Be a Reader: Access

If you have problems with finding SEKI publications, send e-mail to wirth(at) Claus-Peter Wirth was responsible for the publication of SEKI reports and working papers from 1992 to 1996, and is now again editor since 2003. We apologize the inconvenience and hope to improve the access.

Be an Author: Publish

Note that you are free to submit the paper in parallel to a journal and a short version to a conference.

SEKI Reports are required to be in English.

SEKI Working-Papers obey the same high-quality review standard as SEKI Reports. SEKI Working-Papers cover creative growing work with tentative and informal character, including field studies, experiments, and tutorials. SEKI Reports tend to be more formal and should describe a more mature and aged view on a subject.

SEKI publications must be submitted in LaTeX. Read the instructions on seki-README, and get the following files from the Directory forauthors. All you need is tar-gzipped into forauthors.tgz. Please make sure that you always have the newest version of these files!

Be Immortal: Submit to arXiv

Authors of future SEKIs will finally be provided with a tar.gz file by the editor for the submission of their SEKIs to arXiv. This submission is obligatory for all future SEKIs.

Advantages for authors are the permanent availability, the automatic listing in Ley's DBLP, and last but not least a high rank in Google searches.

Please wait with the arXiv submission until the editor provides you with the correct file.

Technical instructions for the submission can be found at seki-arXiv-instructions.txt.

If you want to submit your previously published SEKI to arXiv, please contact the editor for the preparation of a tar.gz file for submitting your SEKI to arXiv.

If you find any bugs on this page, please do contact the editor wirth(at) !