picture Claus-Peter Wirth's Dortmund


... is the ugliest and most disorganized big town in Germany I have ever been to. Nevertheless, the socialist town government forces you to pay an extra tax of 12 % of your rent just for living there.

The information on the server of Dortmund uses to be misleading and outdated.

Essen is an even bigger city only half an hour by train and a bit nicer. The next town with an international airport is Düsseldorf, which also has a good opera house (together with Duisburg) that calls itself German Opera at the Rhine.

The central train station is one of the best places in Dortmund because you can leave the town most efficiently from there - contrary to the other places where public transport is available only during working hours and the constant traffic jams do not allow you to drive anywhere.

The two positive things I can say about Dortmund are: most of the people were friendly and uncomplicated and in the fish restaurant in the basement of Karstadt it was possible to get really good food (only place in town).

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